Frequently Asked
Infrastructure Bonds

Each Stablebond represents a one-to-one mapping of a physical bond issued by a country and a tokenized version of that bond that we create.

By navigating to your portfolio at stablebonds.etherfuse.com and clicking “claim interest”. Your fungible token will be converted into a non-fungible token representing the par value and interest claimed.

Upon the final interest payment and maturity date you’ll be able to claim both par value and interest earned.

By partnering with etherfuse to set up a private validator we can ensure that the location and characteristics of your validator is both performant and improves decentralizations as measured at measure.etherfuse.com

A vNFT is a validator-backed NFT. The vNFT represents a 1/12500 claim on all the rewards the validator generates.


When you mint or buy a vNFT it is a deed or claim to a portion of the rewards earned by that validator.


A smart contract distributes rewards at the end of each epoch to the wallets holding a vNFT from that validator’s collection.

A validator earns rewards by validating transactions on the blockchain through consensus.


With etherfuse, you can create a validator, start contributing to the network and earn rewards.